AMA with Midway’s Mark Turmell


Q: How difficult was it change the NBA’s view of the game so that they would give you the license?

A: Very hard! Their understanding of arcades was solely based on Times Square in NY, which was very seedy and dangerous at the . We made videos of normal arcades to win them over.

Q: Can you describe some of the “never seen before” NFL Blitz footage? Is it lost forever or is there a chance we see it in the upcoming “Insert Coin” doc?

A: We removed >20 animations from the game to eek into NFL approval status, but I still have a hard drive with the incorporating all of them. Haven’t spoken to Josh much re the Insert Coin doc, but maybe I’ll dig that up and send to him.

The moves were indeed violent. Grabbing the face mask and flinging around, kicking the player while he’s down, stomping, and wrestling moves. Suplex, etc.

Q: Can you please speak on the rumored NBA Jam made for specific NBA players with Michael Jordan included?

A: I have it!

NBA Jam was made and tested in Chicago. Jordan was in all those early games, and weeks before we were to ship nationwide he pulled out of all NBA licensed products due to his Nike deal.

 AMA with Midways Mark Turmell
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You On Point Mark? All the Time, Fred.

WSB-TVs Mark Arum and Blankenship pay tribute to the late, great Five Foot Assassin: Phife Dawg.

(let your words) RIP.


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(1) Mark Manson | via Facebook

large (1) Mark Manson | via Facebook
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Mark Cuban: “So here’s how [Tim] Donaghy impacted my world”


“So how [Tim] my . It’s the 2006-07 season, and the Warriors are playing the Bulls. It is February. It’s a tie game — 10, 15 seconds left. Whatever. Ben Gordon of the Bulls is dribbling the ball for the last shot. Andris Biedrins is just sitting in the paint, just standing still for the Warriors. But he’s in the paint! Four seconds, five seconds, six seconds, seven seconds. Tim , instead of calling defensive three seconds, literally steps onto the court and pushes him out of the paint.”

“When it happened, I was watching the game, and I sent an email to the NBA saying, ‘Did you see this shit?’ Now, I had no idea at the about the big [Donaghy] issue, although I had hints of it.

 Mark Cuban: So here’s how [Tim] Donaghy impacted my world
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Mark & Taylour ♡♥♡♥♡

large Mark & Taylour ♡♥♡♥♡
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Mark Drew: Deez Nuts

markdrewpeanuts Mark Drew: Deez Nuts

Peanuts characters x 90′s hip-hop, by Mark Drew:

As the first exhibition of the year, China Heights is proud to present ‘ ’; a series of paintings on canvas accompanied by a self-produced publication by Mark .

As well as being the co-founder of China Heights, Mark Drew is an Australian graphic artist, based in Tokyo since 2009. His works primarily reference music, pivoting on a heavy nostalgia for 1990s rap music.

‘Deez Nuts’ is a new body of work, which began as a zine of the same name. For this exhibition, Drew has painted large-scale versions of the illustrations found within the zine. The works show Peanuts comics with lyrics from Nas, Wu-Tang Clan, N.W.A, Gang Starr, Public Enemy and more, as dialogue. The combination replicates the obsessions of a younger Mark Drew perfectly, as well as encouraging a possible anima connection within the spirit of the subjects.

“Mans inhumanity to man” – Charlie Brown

deeznuts2 Mark Drew: Deez Nuts

See more of the photos from the exhibition over at BuzzFeed.

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