Be polite & gentle while talking. Your tone and words can break someone’s heart.

large Be polite & gentle while talking. Your tone and words can break someones heart.
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Coffee Break: 4/8/2016

7zwZcAd Coffee Break: 4/8/2016

Study: Money can buy you happiness.

It’s a “blow job” because it’s work: How guys push women to make oral sex as common as shaking hands

Hipster Sound: An Online Soundtrack That Plays Ambient Shop Noise To Help Productivity (via Laughing Squid)

How Tech is Ruining Dating (via The World’s Best Ever)

7 Famous Characters Whose Iconic Design Was A Total Mistake

25 Innocent Coloring Book Pictures Made Instantly NSFW

Pic: “Happy Birthday Matt, you dick.

The High Definite

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Coffee Break: 3/17/2016

nI88l1d Coffee Break: 3/17/2016

In A First, NFL Executive Admits Football Is Linked To Brain Damage

Four different forms of the word “cunt” have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and they’re all spectacular.

A King in His Castle: How Donald Trump Lives, From His Longtime Butler

Inside Girls Night In: The elite, super-secret world of L.A.’s coolest girls on Facebook.

The Sneaky Life of the World’s Most Mysterious Plant

Pic: “Holding the vending machine hostage…

The High Definite

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Coffee Break: 3/11/2016

3qsXPJv 560x429 Coffee Break: 3/11/2016

“Dog Whisperer” Cesar Millan is under investigation for possible animal cruelty.

California has raised the smoking age from 18 to 21 and will permit medically assisted suicide starting June 9th.

My Year in San Francisco’s Million Secret Society Startup

A Trip Through Amazon’s First Physical Store

The Plagiarism Scandal Unfolding In The Crossword World

The Man Who Sold the Eiffel Tower. Twice.

The High Definite

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Coffee Break: 3/4/2016

STYpq8j 560x377 Coffee Break: 3/4/2016

Knife reportedly found on former O.J. Simpson property is being tested by the LAPD.

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner is giving his entire million stock bonus to his employees to make up for the drop in stock price.

Mason Men: George Mason’s Cinderella run to the 2006 Final Four changed college basketball forever, and it was this close to never happening.

Bansky’s lawyers delay the geographical profiling study that supports a previous stab at who he really is.

6 Bafflingly Dark Moments In Beloved Children’s Book Series

Kendrick Lamar released an 8 song EP, untitled unmastered, last night.

Pic: “Incredible Timing

The High Definite

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Coffee Break: 2/29/2016

8T6GNak 560x419 Coffee Break: 2/29/2016

5 Eerie Predictions By TV Shows That Totally Came True

Other people besides Leonardo DiCaprio won Oscars last night. Here’s the full list.

The Surprising History Behind Leap Year

The Secret History of The Endless Summer: The Most Influential Surf Movie Ever

Stretching the Truth: Lying On Your Profile to Find Love Online

Ask Reddit: People who traveled the world. What did you choose not to say about a country you visited to keep the story positive?

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The High Definite

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